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Whatever the venue for your reception, lighting will play an important role in the event. People are drawn to light. Make sure you mark your outside entry with appropriate lighting to assure your guests that they have, if fact, found your reception, that they are entering the correct door and to help set the mood for the event. The entry lighting should be consistent in style with what they will experience inside the event. Once inside, highlight the parts of the room that you want your guests to see. Obviously, the main backdrop where you will be standing will need special lighting. Consider also your cake, you want it to glow without melting or casting unwanted shadows. The guest book, your trousseau, the dining area and that beautiful bridal picture you will display should all incorporate lighting that enhances the mood set by the decor without calling attention to itself.
Many commercial venues are equipped with overhead lighting. In most cases that lighting is fluorescent. Fluorescent lighting does not produce the warm, romantic feel that you want your guests to experience as they enter your reception. Plan to turn off all installed lighting and provide your own lighting in the location and style that will set the mood you desire.

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