Vintage $850*

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The Vintage package takes your guests on a walk through the park on a summer's evening in the 1950's. From the entryway lighting, your guests will stroll to the guest book and on through the Main Pavilion and cake display. They can stop to converse in the hedge surrounded fountain at the center of the room before dining beneath lighted umbrella covered tables. The warm glow from the umbrellas and other provided lighting create a magic atmosphere that your guest will not soon forget.

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*Plus sales tax. Prices subject to change without notice.
For church house use only.

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Vintage Collection

  • Pavilion 5
  • Cake With Blk Edge
  • Entry Pedestals
  • Vintage Gift Display
  • Dining
  • Park View
  • Pavilion 7
  • Pavilion 6
  • Pavilion 2
  • Vintage Cake
  • Summer Night Entry Lamp
  • Vintage Entry Lighting