Secret Garden $850*

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There is a soft breeze winding its way through the trees. It cools you as it pauses to carry the sweet scent of flowers to your nose. The garden is in full bloom, with blossoms of every shape and color capturing your vision. All is silent but for the birds and the gentle breeze. You are alone with the one you love.

While you may not be alone at your reception, you can still enjoy many of the benefits of this vision. Our Secret Garden package is designed to bring to the forefront those memories of beauty and quiet reflection. Rock walls with forest green ivy and wrought iron bursting with blossoms serve to surround you with a peaceful, happy feeling that will leave you blissfully serene throughout the night.

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*Plus sales tax.  Prices subject to change without notice.
For church house use only.

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Secret Garden Collection

  • Secret Garden
  • Cake-Display
  • Guest-Book
  • Bridal-Show
  • Secret-Garden-Gateway
  • Dining-Plaza
  • Secret Garden from Dining Room
  • Entry Lanterns
  • BirdBath
  • Waterfall