Stroll through "Old Europe's" medieval streets.  Experience the centuries-old architecture, the statues, the history. Imagine the cafes, the beautiful waterways and stone bridges... Stepping out of the city and into the wedding reception, a more tranquil mood takes hold. You witness old-world scenery which has not really changed over the last several hundred years. Old Europe refers to a timeless look that spans over fifteen centuries. When your grandchildren view your wedding pictures, they will focus on you - your taste in décor is timeless. Old Europe spans not only time, but geographic locations across the Mediterranean, Central and Western Europe. Enjoy your destination wedding without leaving your favorite venue.

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For church house use only.

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Old Europe Collection

  • Old Europe Main Arches
  • Cake Display
  • Guest Book
  • Tall Fountain
  • Old Europe Fountain
  • Courtyard
  • Courtyard-Walls
  • Entry-Lamps
  • Gift-Bench
  • Dancing
  • Accent bouquets in your colors
  • Another-Layout