Something Borrowed Wedding Decor LC

Your Church House Decorator, Established 1997


We offer a full selection of linens to further customize your special night. Below you will find information and tools to help you in your linen selection.


Feel free to use our linen selection tool to help mix and match perfect color palettes for your wedding.

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We have a variety of Centerpieces to make your seating shine.


  • Wood Teapot
  • Wire Floating Rose
  • Winter Twig
  • White Pine
  • Topiary Round
  • Topiary
  • Texas Bouquet
  • Tall Lily Vase
  • Tall Gerber Daisies
  • Silver Lantern Candle
  • Shepherds Lantern
  • Red Rose Black Vase
  • Red Heart Vase
  • Picket Garden
  • Orchid Vase
  • Lily Water Picher
  • Lily Spray
  • Lemon Lime
  • Hurricane Lantern
  • Hanging Heart
  • Globe Lantern
  • Floating Cube
  • Fish Bowl
  • European Urn
  • Daisy Cylinder Vase
  • Cherry Blossom Vase
  • Burgundy Bouquet
  • Brown Lantern
  • Brass Lantern
  • Apple Blossom